Instructions for submitting

1. Entry requirements:

- Company (performances or research works).

- Working designer (existing works or research works, co-production with less than 4 people per work)

- Professor, Graduate student, and Researcher category (Existing works or research works, joint works of up to four people per work)

- Student category (Research works, joint works of up to 4 students per work)

- Researchers, Practitioners and Students in humanities, social and scientific fields category (Research works, collaborative works of up to four people per work. Poster presentation)

- The artist can exhibit your artwork with any subject.

2. Entry categories:

1- Size Criteria - A1 whole paper panel
      Submission of art and design results data/ Submission of research results or poster presentation data.

2- On-site display of the original piece
    (Except when the work is too bulky or high-priced, It is possible to exhibit after consulting with the organizers.)

Undergraduate competition and exhibition

In the case of entry to the student category, all applicants’ works will be exhibited and some students will be awarded a certificate and a plaque through judging on the spot.

- Website for submitting: (ID: ICAD2020 - Password: ICAD202020)

3. Exhibition method

1. Display the work after attaching A1 sized printed image data on a foam board. (Organizers will display the works after batch printing)
2. In the case of exhibiting an original piece, the exhibition stand + panel exhibition is provided.

3. Poster Presentation Exhibition (Organizers will display the works after batch printing)

* Notices:

-You can participate in this exhibition only if the participation fee is paid in full.

-Art catalogue will be produced and shipped after exhibition.

-After the exhibition you can receive the entry confirmation letter.

* If you want to participate in the exhibition during the exhibition period, please contact the executive office.
              Contact: 02-944-6657
                            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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